Peak Flow - EN 23747

EN 23747 Standard has now been harmonised by ISO 23747 Standard. Website to be updated shortly.

New Peak   Expiratory Flow Standard



How will the change affect me as a:

What difference does it make to me as a Researcher ?

PEF monitoring remains an important tool in the diagnosis and monitoring of reversible airway disease, and the change in scale may cause some minor problems for those who use peak flow meters in research.

Many issues relevant to the Patient and the Doctor/Nurse will also be relevant to the Researcher, but the following additional comments may be helpful.

Is it just the scale that has changed on a Mini-Wright ?

Yes. The underlying exceptional design of the Mini-Wright has enable the Standard and Low Range meters to conform to the accuracy requirements of the new EN 23747 Standard without physical modification. As each Mini-Wright is individually hand-calibrated, you can be assured that the new EU scale meters will perform to the same high standard that can be expected.

I have a study already underway where I may need to recruit more patients in future - will I still be able to obtain Wright scale meters ?

Quantities of Wright scale Mini-Wrights will be made available for research use after the introduction of the new EU scale versions

Clement Clarke will continue to manufacture limited quantities of Wright scale meters (both Standard and Low Range), for use in certain countries outside Europe, and for those who are continuing research projects. Contact Clement Clarke at the earliest opportunity for details of availability.

What can I do if I need to replace a Wright scale meter in a study ?

See above.

Also, if a replacement meter is given to an existing patient, check to see what scale meter has been supplied. As the Mini-Wright design has not changed, only the scale, then it is possible to obtain accurate conversion from one scale to the other by using the on-screen converter (If you need help converting your readings, please contact us).

What provision should I make for reporting the PEF readings ?

During 2004, many more scientists will realise that there are several PEF scales in common use worldwide (e.g. Wright, ATS and EU). It would be prudent to record PEF meters with reference to the scale that they have been obtained from, to avoid confusion.

What normal value sets are recommended for use with the EU scale meters?

Presently, there is no consensus on what should be used. Data is available from lung function assessments that have used the equivalent of an ATS scale PEF measurement; whilst not identical to the EU scale meter, the readings will be very similar, and could provide guidance.

Are all countries in Europe changing to the EU scale at the same time ?

No. the implementation of the standard has not occurred in many countries, and there is no single date where the remaining countries have agreed to change. EU Member countries are obliged to implement the Standard before 2005.

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